The future of online compliance

In order to keep up with the constantly evolving digital environment, Reef decided to start looking at compliance software that we can use for our clients. After looking at many different packages, it became clear that nothing met all the criteria that we had set out. We decided that the best option was to create a bespoke platform that makes compliance easier for both client and service provider. 

Orac is based online with a simple user interface. By focusing on the needs of the service provider and the client, we have created an easy to use package, that allows for clear and concise communication. Orac allows our clients to spend more of their time focused on checking and maintaining compliance, whilst spending less time on the non-essential aspects like appointment booking.

The main benefits of Orac are:

  • Online platform; as long as you have access to an internet connection and a browser, you have full access to your site(s).
  • Simplicity; our aim from the start has been to simplify the entire process and to give our clients a deeper and more accurate understanding of what is happening a their site(s).
  • Site monitoring; real-time and historical monitoring of compliance and non-conformities for Duty Holders and Responsible People.
  • Integrated quoting system; our internal quoting system means quick turn around for quotes on remedial actions to ensure we get our sites back to being compliant as quickly as possible.
  • Multiple users; Several users can be set up to view and manage a site(s), from site managers, to responsible people.