Reef Water Solutions have undertaken literally thousands of Risk Assessments relating to the prevention of Legionnaires Disease. It is a legal requirement for a survey to be carried out in all premises where there is a potential risk of proliferation and dissemination of water borne microorganisms. It has been our duty to report and advise our clients of the potential risks with specific regard to their premises. 

Reef have carried out Risk Assessments for a wide range of clients ranging from those who have an extensive knowledge of ACOP L8 / HSG274 and their duties within its compliance; to those who have been given the initial task of forming a plan of action from scratch. Our reports are written with universality in mind with all aspects of the disease and guidelines outlined. With that in mind, each particular issue within a report has its ‘cause and effect’ clearly explained and justified with jargon kept to a minimum with ‘score ratings’ and ‘risk percentages’ avoided.

We enjoy a close and confidential relationship with our clients and are happy to help with any subsequent recommendations, including:

  • The creation of a written scheme detailing an ongoing Control & Monitoring Regime
  • Implementation of the scheme whether it be with Reef or another contractor
  • Recommendation and budget costs of any remedial works
  • Carrying out or overseeing of remedial works

Please contact us for more information on risk assessments.